Health report


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There is an universal proverb that “Health is Wealth”, but at we believe the our health is more than wealth.It is not only the habit that we have grown for the past years together but there may be reason to adopt that habit.A good health can do much more in regards to work, responsibilities and many more. We should not forget to replenish our body with every possible way.

It is evident that all health related matters are clearly indicated in our horoscope. The ascedant and its lord is the responsible factor for our health as during the birth we enter into the materialistic world with our body and its mechanism.As a responsible astrologer it is the prime responsibilities to check all three houses i.e. 1st, 6th and 8th.The details and calculated study of these houses will definitely reveal the health status of a native.

Students pursue their subjects especially during critical exam times continuously wide eyed at nights, mostly to feel a complete satisfaction by the end of it all. There is a lack of balance when one comes to personal health related matters. This kind of indiscipline causes fatigue and affects longevity ultimately. Just as we maintain all things in life, we must also remember to maintain our health. Without this the body cannot do what we desire to achieve in life.

This report will indicate your basic physical constitution and your own immunity to fight diseases as and when they will strike. This report will indicate your vulnerability to potential disease and the part of your body which can get affected.

It will also tell you when in your life you will be most prone to disease and when you can expect to enjoy very good health in life. It will also suggest specific astrological remedies to protect you against disease.

You will be provided with

  • Overall picture of your Health
  • Complete profile of your habit
  • Caution about any specific diseases
  • Food and non alcoholic beverages to be preferred during that period
  • Unfavorable time for your health
  • Your Karma Index
  • Dasha signature about your health
  • Your health in the coming fifteen years
  • Complete astrological remedies
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