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Life is all about doing the right thing at the right time. Many a time, this exercise seems to be like a maze and makes life quite puzzling. It need not be so. Astrology is a tool through which we can get a glimpse of future. Horoscope chart can be in a way said to be the image of your own self. What will be productive and how can the negativity be avoided. The blaring question in your mind can be answered by astrology. Who am I? What is my potential to success and what will be the outcome of the situation I am in? This horoscope chart gives you an insight of your hidden self, your horoscope and helps you discover that what you are ordained to do in this life. Beyond various astrological reports your horoscope chart takes you to the banks of the astrological ocean and invites you to take a dip in your own mortal and immortal reality.

Your horoscope chart is meant to help you solve puzzling aspects of your life. It gives you a picture of goals to be accomplished in life and a basic idea of the planetary significances of your horoscope. This report is an insight of the astral signature as per the time, date and place of your birth. So, go ahead and uncover the mystery of your horoscope!

What You Will Get

  • What is a horoscope chart?
  • Your Horoscope Chart and Chart Data
  • Explanation of Your Horoscope Chart
  • The relationship between Planets and the signs
  • Characteristics of different sign types and sign elements
  • Planets, their strengths and their functionality in your horoscope
  • The 3 pivots of horoscope – ascendant, sun sign, moon sign and their interpretation
  • Interpretation of Other Planets as per their location and planetary strength
  • Retrograde, Exalted and Debilitated planets in your horoscope
  • Houses in your Horoscope – their significance, strength and interpretation
  • Your Ordained Life Script Scores as Per Your Chart
  • Your Dasha Signature and Comments on Dasha Table
  • The Dasha graph of your entire life
  • The challenges and Opportunities in life during next 5 years period
  • Astrological Remedies


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