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The eternal conflict of interests between Sun and Saturn is the cornerstone of our periodic sufferings. For some it becomes a way of life while newcomers to this peril, feel throttled and gasp for respite.

Many of us are born with the connection between Saturn and Sun either by aspect or co-habitation or by exchange of Lordship. The connection can even be of the respective Nakshatra or Birth-Stars. The thing to remember here is that all of us who suffer due to this connection, continue to live our lives; so it is apparent that the objective of the higher powers is not to eliminate us, but to lead us to the right path.

It is important to remember, in the context of life and death, that they are both typically karmic phenomena and astrological conditions cannot really be changed through any remedial path except for Divine intervention.

The Sun-Saturn Report has been designed to familiarize you with the projection of light and darkness in your life. Whether there is a permanent shadow on your life or the shadows are temporary and will pass, without causing any major damage.

This report will give an in-depth analysis of your Sun and Saturn. If they are connected by birth or by transit which will ultimately be decisive in choosing ones path. The findings will also let you know if the effects are permanent or temporary. However it is also important that you know the quantum of malice that Saturn may inflict in the present transit, as it is notorious for its malefic influence at leaving permanent scars on many-a-life.

Whatever be the result of the report, you can always take adequate precautions. Saturn is the reality check post of our past and present. It is pointless trying to run ahead of the darkness. It is very important, that you absorb its lessons with humility rather than defiance.

What You Will Get

  • Relation between Sun and Saturn in your Birth Chart
  • Transit Connection between Sun and Saturn
  • Connection of natal Sun and Saturn with Sun and Saturn in transit
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies


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