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Rahu and Ketu are also known as the Chhayya Graha (shadow planets). It is the name given to the nodes of the moon. Rahu represents the North Node and Ketu, the South Node. According to Hindu Mythology these planets represents the Serpent. They represent the darker side of our nature which we need to overcome.

Rahu is a planet of materialism and gives material gains in a particular area. If well placed it gives happiness, wealth and a powerful position. But it also gives mental anxieties. If the position of Rahu is not well placed then it could result to loss of position, legal hassles and misfortune.

Ketu, on the other hand, will deprive a person of the benefits of the house it is transiting and force a person to think on a higher plane. It can result in turning the mind inwards to seek the ultimate truth. If the position of Ketu is not well placed then it could lead to depression, confusion and even misunderstandings in your relationships.

A report which would help you to see the general nature and characteristics of Rahu- Ketu and the Karmic significance of Rahu-Ketu as per your natal chart. This report will also include the impact of current transit of Rahu and Ketu along with remedy recommendation to overcome the ill effect, if any.

Apart from your birth chart information…

What You Will Get

  • General Nature and Characteristics of Rahu and Ketu
  • The Karmic Significance of Rahu-Ketu as it exists in natal chart
  • Impact of current Transit of Planet Rahu
  • Impact of current Transit of Planet Ketu
  • Special significance of current Transit of Planet Mars with respect to Transit of Rahu and Ketu
  • Special Significance of Rahu-Ketu current transit with respect to Saturn and Jupiter transit
  • Final Conclusion
  • Recommended remedies
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