Jupiter is the great planet of wisdom and is also called ‘Devaguru’ because it represents higher education, spirituality, children, knowledge and wealth, which altogether gives us the idea of its influence in our life. There are various factors which affect our life and the position of planets determines certain significant changes. Jupiter and Saturn are two important planets in the solar system, which influence different spheres of our life.

The significance of Jupiter as per Vedic Astrology

  1. Wealth, prosperity, knowledge and finance
  2. Natural Significance of children – Relationship
  3. For women – Marital Happiness

This report will be based on the position of Jupiter in an individual horoscope where our astrologer would analyze whether the current transit of Jupiter would be auspicious or inauspicious for you. We are always keen to know the consequence of certain things and also seek precautions to overcome or strengthen the outcome. Wearing a Yellow Sapphire increases the flow of positive influences and Jupiter Yantra removes the malefic effects of the planet, Jupiter.

This Jupiter Transit report would be a guide to a better future and will help you to understand whether you need to decrease the malefic effects or strengthen the positive effects of Jupiter in your life.


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Jupiter Transit Report



Jupiter Transit Report with Jupiter Yantra




What You Will Get

  • Brief description of your Vedic Chart
  • Position of Jupiter in your Natal chart
  • Analysis of current transit of Jupiter in Taurus
  • Final conclusion of transit of Jupiter for over twelve months
  • Most suitable remedy for Jupiter’s transit through Taurus


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