Yellow sapphire


Yellow Sapphire brings the wisdom of prosperity, not only by attracting wealth and financial abundance into one’s life but its ability to manifest one’s creative energy into action. As per popular Vedic astrology, Yallow Saphire is a Gem of Jupiter. It is considered as the most prominent stones in Astrology as it accelerate one’s growth on every sphere. It brings name and fame if the quality of stone is genuine. We at only believes the best quality of stone as we always put our guests on high priority.

Sizes Available: 3, 4, 5, 6 Carats for best Results
Shapes Available: Oval in Shape
Country of its Origin: Ceylon presently Sri Lanka
Grades Available Prices in US$ and INR Briefs about the stone
Regular US$ 566 to 1118  INR 26800 to 53598 Feathers, Cloudy, Crystalline Inclusions, Finger Print
Super Fine US$ 616 to 1217  INR 29199 to 58398 Dotted Silk, Growth Zoning, Crystalline Inclusions, Finger Print


Delivery time for ENERGIZED YELLOW SAPPHIRE GEMSTONE is 10 working days after receiving confirmed order with payment

COD(Cash on Delivery)services are available in India Only.Outside India secured prepaid parcel services would be applied

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