Ruby enhances the power of Sun. It increases self-confidence, self esteem or self-respect. It shows you better initiative and drives it in all your undertakings. You will have greater clarity about the true purpose of your life. Ruby not only enhances your external confidence but it also strengthens your inner confidence. It helps you to pursue your “dharma” in a more effective way. On the physical level it improves your vitality and life force. It improves the functioning of your heart, and also improves the power of your vision and eyesight. It easily brings you success and enables you to take success in your stride without any pride or ego.

Sizes Available: 3, 4, 5, and 6 carats for best results
Shapes Available: Oval, Round
Country of Origin: Africa
Grades Available: Price Range: Remarks
Regular USD 308 to 603  INR 14280 to 28560 Some filling material observed, Crystalline Inclusions, Finger Prints
Super Fine USD 521 to 1028  INR 24600 to 49200 Some filling material reaching feathers observed, Crystalline Inclusions, Finger Prints
Premium USD 608 to 1201 INR 28800 to 57600 Filling Material, Crystalline Inclusions, Finger Prints
Supreme USD 719 to 1423  INR 34200 to 68400 Filling Material, Crystalline Inclusions, Finger Prints


Delivery time for ENERGIZED RUBY GEMSTONE is 10 working days after receiving confirmed order with payment

COD(Cash on Delivery)services are available in India Only.Outside India secured prepaid parcel services would be applied

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