Maha mrityunjaya yagna


“Om tryambakkam yajamahey,
Urvaarokameva bandanaan
Mrityormooksheya maamritaat”

We bow our head in devotion to the almighty Lord Shiva who is the destroyer of all evils. He is the one whom we offer our prayers, to avoid ultimate death. Lord Shiva appears in a meditating but ever-happy posture. He has knotted hair which holds the flowing Ganges River and a falcate moon, a serpent coiled around his neck, a ‘trishul’ in his one hand and ashes all over his body. Shiva is the only godhead who is forever in deep meditation, totally absorbed in contemplation in His abode, Kailaasa mountain in the great Himalaya.

The Lord’s characteristic represents his victory over the evil activity, and calmness of human nature. He is known as the “giver” god. His vehicle is a bull (symbol of happiness and strength) named Nandi. Lord Shiva is the one who helps us to overcome the difficult phases of life.

Trayambakkam refers to the three eyes of Lord Shiva. He is also called Tryambaka Deva (literally, “three-eyed Lord”), is depicted as having three eyes: the sun is His right eye, the moon the left eye and fire the third eye. The two eyes on the right and left indicate His activity in the physical world. The third eye in the center of the forehead symbolizes spiritual knowledge and power, and is thus called the eye of wisdom or knowledge. Like fire, the powerful gaze of Shiva’s third eye destroys evil, and thus the person who has evil intention fears His third eye.. These three eyes of enlightment are the Trimurti or three primary deities namely, Brahma (omniscient), Vishnu (omnipresent) and Shiva (Omnipotent).

Who Should Perform This Yagna?

“People who are going through some unforeseen circumstances for example if he/she is going through a chronic health problem or some legal problem can perform this yagna. This yagna is done according to the intensity of the problem. An astrologer advises the person to do a jaapa (chanting within oneself) according to the seriousness of the situation.”

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