Report on Astrology

report_on_astroAstrology is as old as measured time. In the ancient time our ancestors used to find the correct time for planing and harvesting and hunting. It is the complex societies developed the astrologically guided Kings and Queens for their national leadership. With the rise of ancient Greece it became a tool for individuals, a means to understand for men and women their purpose and track their seasons in their lives.Astrology used to be studied in the universities and employed by Emperors, Doctors and Scholars. Hippocrates, the father of western medicines, said that without a knowledge of astrology one could not call oneself a physician. Astrology was woven into the study of history, science, art & religion. It is 17th century the rising trend of materialistic science drove astrology out of the Universities of Europe. The new rationalist realities no longer saw man and nature as woven of the same cloth, derived of the same spirit. But still astrology continued to be studied and practiced by the people who saw the need to keep the connection in between heaven and earth. In the year 1960′s astrology began a comeback that is continued today. As more and more people searching for answers, astrology was there to provide them. Today there are vibrant astrological associations, publications, researchers, businesses and numbers of counselors. As in days of old, astrology is more respected and used by people of all levels of societies. We will update on regular basis our astrological research articles and collections of best astrological examples to understand Indian astrology, Chinese astrology, Western astrology, Numerology, Tarrot readings and others. Our research team will update the latest happening with the applied astrological records to you to understand the need and the way the astrology can be used for the society at large.

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