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Monthly Transit – April, 2017 -By Founder Astrocuisine

Astrology can be a very good guide to a better life provided you are open to its projections rather than just its predictions. Over the years, astrology has evolved in various ways. In order to learn how to navigate, the first step is to understand your horoscope. While the natal positions decree certain situations and possibilities, the transits always bring in new and ever changing predictions as the planets keep to their movement in the Vedic sky.

Transit of Sun into Cancer and Leo

Sun would be in movable watery sign Cancer till August 16 2014 and it will transit through fiery and fixed sign Leo in its own sign till August 2015. The second half of the month various capital heads would be able to implement the policies in their own Continent on line of goof cooperation’s.

Transit of Mercury into Cancer

Movements of planet Mercury would be in different signs during August 2015, it is the indication of progress in international relationship but there is no certainty in market. Till August 12, 2015 the market may be on success side when Mercury would transit in to Cancer, but after that up to August 28, 2015 there may be certainty in the market.

Transit of Moon into Virgo and Libra

It will connect us to finer parts of life and it would be enjoyable and will be in the sign of Libra till end of the month.

Transit of Mars into Libra

Mars is the energy which helps us to go forward to pursue hopes and dreams, it will be transiting Libra for entire month of August 2015. Army of the world would very much able to prepare action plan which helps to tackle anti social elements.

Transit of Jupiter into Cancer

Jupiter planet signifies wealth, peace and prosperity in the society, has already made a major transit of the year 2015 in to its exaltation sign Cancer and would be remain in same sign till mid of the year 2015. The life of common people would also improve and there will be harmony on the financial front worldwide.

Transit of Rahu,Ketu into Virgo and Pisces

The retrograde energies Rahu and Ketu have already made another major transit of the year 2015 where Rahu is transiting in to Virgo and Ketu will be transiting in to Pisces during the whole month of August 2014. Therefore, the transit of the Shadow Planets, Rahu and Ketu could bring in lots of positive and negative impacts in the lives of common individual.

Transit of Venus into Gemini and Cancer

This planet signifies our sense of appreciation for good and beauty in all forms of harmony as well as wealth will transit through Gemini till 7th August 2015 and then it will transit through Cancer for the rest of the month. Entertainment industry may be considered with good projects where female centric subjects could be promoted and would make for a dominating factor.

Transit of Saturn into Libra

Saturn has already been transited in to its exaltation sign Libra and will be continue with its transit in to same sign during this whole month of August 2015.Planet Saturn could give its positive impact of transit in to exaltation sign and people who are going through the Shani Sade Sati could feel positive impact.

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