Horoscope Chart


Horoscope Chart

A natal chart, called a birth chart or horoscope, is calculated for an individual and the primary tools used to for analyzing personality, compatibility, and a base point for any forecasting work. Chart also can be used to calculate for entities like corporations, organizations and nations.

It our specialty for team of astrocuisine.com to calculate the computer chart again with the research team to find the exact predictions and to suggest the remedies. Because most software programmed in a manner to find out remedies in traditional way as per the house, but the real fact lies that the time of transit.

The planets, including the Sun and Moon represents basis forces of energies In fact the interpretation of planets have remained constant in vastly different cultures.

Critical Turning points in life

Life is full of twists & turns and everyone has a turning point in his/her life. Sometimes, it is favorable and sometimes unfavorable.

Vedic astrology has the power to reveal those turning points of our lives and our birth chart has the ability to denote the critical time period that we can face in near future. With the help of this astrology based science, you can be aware of the turning points and critical years in your life.

To know about the positive as well as negative turns in your life, free of cost, you just need to be a registered member.

When the sun is proactive to you

The Sun is our sense of self and charts the level of our self-manifestation. It is the light of the rational mind, honor and status. Planet Sun is the natural signifier of status and power in our career. It is Sun which shapes our motivation to seek power and status in our pursuit of wealth in day to day life.

Whether the year 2015 is safe for investment

Wealth brings social security, enjoyment and all comforts of this world. Though it is a materialistic entity, it is a reality and a necessity for everyone on this Earth. A sudden financial downfall can leave one helpless and in misery. Yoga is a combination or conjunction of planets. While Positive Yoga imparts strength to the horoscope, Negative Yoga destroys and mar all the positive results bequeathed by the positive combinations.

Focus and result orientation in career path

In our career it is not enough to have skill and competence or popularity. Result orientation and focus to complete the tasks successfully and within time will be most important driver and measure of success in our career.

Wealth is a significant factor to sustain in life, no basic necessity of a human life can be accomplished without money.

So, To know about your potential of accumulation of wealth in life, free of cost, you just need to be our registered member.

Your natural tendency for career

We all have some Natural Affinity to handle our professional life. These Affinities are important part of our personality.

Sun is natural signifier (Karaka) for your Career, Profession and Social Status. This is decided by your Vedic Zodiac Sun-Sign that what kind of career and profession for which you will have natural affinity?

In today’s global economy, the choices of professions or the different kinds of work that people perform are vast than what they were in ancient times, and every day new profession or new areas of work are emerging, but at fundamental level this classification into 4 Varnas are still very much valid.

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