Relationship analysis


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No matter what type of relationship you share with your partner – attraction, love, romantic and sexual relationship, marriage relationship of personal support. ‘Compatibility and understanding’ is the factor that makes the difference between damaging your relationship and deepening it. Relationship Analysis or birth chart matching implies the compatibility between two persons on the emotional, mental, ideological and behavioral fronts when they want to enter into a relationship. It involves arriving at a conclusion whether they would support and co-operate with each other or which aspects would be strong or weak in their relationship.

The strength in your relationship has already been a blessing for you; now you can also cement the loopholes since you know where you need to work upon. Find out exactly how compatible the two of you are, in a long term relationship. This ten page relationship compatibility report uses ancient Vedic principles of astrological compatibility analysis between two horoscopes and contains our astrologer’s recommendations on each aspect of astrological compatibility and their modern relevance, for both persons by analyzing the complete charts.

This report accounts on the greatest strength of the relationship and how to capitalize on it. And also the greatest weakness of the relationship and how to minimize it. Be sure, you accomplish more than guessing and taking chances in important relationships. This report is perfect for you if you are really serious about understanding in depth the relationship, whether it is between lovers, potential lovers, friends, co-workers or with bosses.

What You Will Get

  • Preamble
  • Significance of ascendant in your chart: Ascendant is the most unique signature in your horoscope. Ascendant in your chart signifies the way you shall express your body, mind and soul to the world at large in this life. Ascendant compatibility will give important clues to your personality and nature and the way you shall interact with the partner in a relationship
  • Ascendant Compatibility
  • The interaction between your two Ascendants in life together
  • The dialectics of relationship between three of you:
    - Leanings
    - Advantages
    - Weaknesses
  • Moon sign significance: Moon in our horoscope shows our general propensity for relationship and how we will interact with our partner in life together. The moon gives us the sensitivity of human feeling, a strong social consciousness and a need to exchange emotions. It makes us require that our feelings are recognized in life and shared by others
  • The Moon-Sign Compatibility
  • Kundali milapak or horoscope matching of the couple by The traditional Vedic astrology method
  • Conclusion of Kundali Milapak/horoscope matching
  • The Mars compatibility and Kujadosha (Mars mismatch/Manglik affliction) between your respective charts
  • The role of Venus in respective charts: Venus is the planet of love and passion in our chart both emotional love as well as physical passion. It indicates the way we express or project love to our partner as well as the way we would like to receive love from our partner in a relationship
    - The meaning of love in your lives
    - Mutual respect and trust for each other
  • The status of 7th house, the house of marriage in respective charts
  • Astrological Signature for next 12 months in respective charts with respect to ups and downs in relationship with each other
  • Final conclusions
  • Astrological Remedies


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