Sani sade sati


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When Saturn traverses the house where Moon is located, it is said to cast its malefic or benefic influence on a person. This supposed evil influence of Saturn is said to commence when it enters the house that is 12th from the natal Moon and continues till it traverses the 2nd house from the natal moon. As an effect, a long period of 7½ years. This is known as “Sade Sati” in Vedic Astrology or The 7½ years cycle of Saturn

Vedic astrology considers this transit of Saturn across the chart as the most significant and eventful transit of Saturn in our life. Unless one is born during one phase of Saade Saati, one shall experience at least two cycles of Sade Saati in life. Each of them in spaced out by approximately 30 years.

During the 7½ year cycle of Saturn, the best strategy to adopt is to simplify and narrow the focus in our life and set up a baseline for achievable goals. There is no slack with Saturn – either we do or we do not. It is the people who cannot work with Saturn’s energy that feel the maximum distress during this 7½ year cycle of Saturn. Saturn is not necessarily a pain and misery-invoking planet.

Through this report you will be able to find out the role of transit of Saturn at present and about the phase of saade saati (if you/they are going through it) for yourself and your dear ones

What You Will Get

  • our Natal Chart
  • Effect of Saturn Transit over three houses
  • Your last and next Saade Saati period.
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