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The Professional Report has been made on the basis of the planetary configurations of your Vedic astrology horoscope.

Vedic Astrology is an ancient behavioral analysis and forecasting system. It employs a diagram of the positions of the planets relative to the earth and sky based on the time and place of a person’s birth. This is known as the Vedic Astrology Horoscope. An astrology guide to the life path is to get information about an individual’s disposition and character, strengths and weaknesses. This science can also be an aid to know events in a person’s life.

Astrology helps people make right decisions as they plan careers. Astrologers can help you know your financial prospects. To understand whether the astrological signatures indicate a slump or a surge and what might be the anticipated duration of either one, so you can take the most advantage of a positive period.

What You Will Get

  • Know the Beneficial and Challenging Direction
  • Reward to Effort Ratio
  • The Potential of Success in Profession as per your chart
  • Vedic Sun Sign- Strength and Weakness
  • Professional Motivation
  • Occupations Most Suited
  • Best and worst period
  • Next One year for you
  • Remedy
  • Conclusion

Sample Report For Professional Report

We are calculating from your chart the overall outlook in your professional life for next one year. Will it be business as usual? Will you get a major breakthrough in your Career or is there a possibility of setback in your career.

In it, each of the seven major planets plus the two Lunar Nodes are given specific periods. This entire life span is divided into different main periods of planets and within this main period, there are sub-periods of all the planets and then each sub-period can be divided into sub-sub-periods of planets. The effects of the planets become most operative during the Main Dasha or the sub-Dasha. The transit effects and the relation between the Main planet and the sub-planet also determine whether the good effects will be more predominant or the bad ones.

Your chart indicates that for next 12 months this will be business as usual. Our advice would be to remain consistent in your effort and keep up the good work in your present job. Do not be proactive and initiate any change but if any better opportunity knocks your door you should certainly go for it.


Every person runs through the Dasha of a specific planet out of the total nine planets as per Vimshottari Dasha system in Vedic Astrology. The influence of current main period/Dasha planet is more on the life of the native. During this period it is also important to strengthen the benefic impact of the planet or decrease the malefic effect of the planet, which is effective in Dasha period.

According to your Vedic horoscope currently your current ongoing Dasa is sub period of Ketu in the main period of Jupiter from Day, Month Date, Year to Day, Month Date, Year.

Remedy:For the Planet Jupiter it is recommended by our team of Gemstone specialists you should wearYellow Sapphire. with suggestions to wear.

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