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Astrology is interesting and instructive and in effect useful to mankind in contributing to his holistic advancement in life. It charts the influence of planets upon man and how they affect, deter or facilitate his future. Often it predicts calamities or hidden base instincts as nothing past or present can be kept closeted in a birth-chart. The birth chart shows, past karma and present statuesque, just as they are. However Astrology must not be confused with fatalism. It only interprets what it conceives to be the future of a man as molded by his past karma.

If one has acquired an insight into planetary predictions and prognosticated correctly about his mental and physical qualities, he can make adequate adjustments to alleviate the evils. The human will is free to a large extent and knowledge of ones possibilities can be used in a positive way for further life prospects. There is a proverb: “Fools obey planets while wise men control them”; Astrology is the practice of becoming “wise” to and “controlling” the effects of planetary movement on one’s life.

It is often said that no one knows you as you know yourself. This is very true and this knowledge governs our day-to-day activities and life in general like a clock. We do things without having to think over them for too long because we have learnt to conduct our lives in a particular manner; the knowledge of one’s likes, dislikes, and the choices we make in the moment make up the whole of our nature. Yet there are times when we make certain choices that we regret later. Or with the passage of time we find that decisions taken at a particular period which had seemed normal and justifiable can no longer be perceived in the same light due to changed circumstances. These are the times when we feel the need to have a greater awareness of our Self, Soul and Mind, to be better connected with our Inner Being so that we can find peace and satisfaction in our lives.

The core personality and behavior of a person is derived from the Natal Chart, by analyzing the planets and the effects of the allied Birth Star or Nakshatra of those planets. The three principle aspects that shape our personality and behavior are the Natal Sun, the Natal Moon and the Ascendant, along with the Nakshatra that is associated with each.

By identifying and analyzing your Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant along with the Nakshatra associated with each, this report will give you a comprehensive understanding of the workings of your inner being and guide you to realize your maximum potential.

What You Will Get

  • Introduction
  • Prophesy on your Ascendant, Moon Sign and Sun Sign
  • Prophesy for other Planets in your Chart
  • Conclusion
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