Sree Yantra

Installing a Shree Yantra in one’s home or at the place of work will protect from all Vaastu deficiencies. It is most powerful device to balance Yin and Yang energies around us (as attempted in Fengshui protections). It purifies the environment and it helps crating wealth and prosperity, not only for the individual but also in the entire environment surrounding the individual. This is not just a myth – its a tried and tested process.

Shree is the personification of Goddess Lakshmi herself. The symbol of the Goddess of bounty and plenty. Since ancient times, it has been a common practice to install a Shree Yantra at the gate of all Hindu temples. This Yantra is said to possess the powers to remove all negative vibrations and energies from the environment. Meditating on the Shree Yantra harmonizes and optimizes all legitimate goals in our life.

It is the most powerful geometrical Yantra for peace and prosperity. Its design is based on intersection of nine triangles. Four of these triangles point upward and five downward. The four upward pointing triangles are the Shiva triangle (Male or Yang forces) and five downward pointing triangles are Shakti or Durga triangles (female or Yin forces). A combination of these nine triangles makes Shree Yantra the most dynamic of all Yantra.

For best results, we will recommend two Shree Yantra, one for home and one for work place. Five minutes meditation on Shree Yantra with the recommended mantra everyday will do wonders to increase all round wealth and prosperity.

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Shree Yantra is a holy instrument which has a mythological connection with Goddess Lakshmi, the Hindu deity of fortune, prosperity and wealth. Hindu religion is hailed for its age old Vedic culture and traditions. It has drawn the curiosity of many philosophers and scientists from across the world. Yantra is a Sanskrit word which means any object or a geometric diagram which is used in a tantric worship as a meditation aid.

What You Will Get

  • The Shree Yantra
  • Detailed instruction set for placement rules and a step-by-step simplified procedure to energize the Yantra, meditate to it and worship of Goddess Lakshmi – which you can use from time to time throughout the year
  • An audio CD of the Mantra

Benefits Of Shree Yantra:

There are a number of benefits associated with Shree Yantra. Some of them are:

  • It helps in attaining fortune, wealth and overall prosperity in one’s life.
  • It brings name, fame and good luck to the family or organization, company which possesses this incredible Vedic instrument.
  • It drives an individual on success path and clears the obstacles.
  • Shree Yantra also gives mental peace and stability.
  • It helps in growing the spiritual self by helping the individual to get rid of all the impurities and attain a pure state of mind.
  • It has the great potential to liberate an individual from the cycle of birth and death.

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