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Every person is curious to know what is in store for him/her in future and is not necessarily concerned about the past. Everyone wants to have a good future, especially with regard to financial successes and elimination of possible dangers of failure in the year ahead. Security is important in every aspect be it emotional, mental or financial. A person who wants financial security does not mean that he/she is greedy. Financial stability is not “everything” but it certainly is “something”. When there is no financial security there is unrest in life and even if we say that it will not hamper us, it does, because every common man has a dream to lead a comfortable life, if not a rich life.

To get a detailed analysis and understanding of the astrological signatures in your horoscope, we are pleased to announce the new look and enhanced 1-year and 3-years Financial Forecast Report that will be made by our staff astrologers after a complete analysis of your horoscope. Moreover, you will get the list of Month–wise financial ups and downs for the next 12 months/36 months through the lens of Karma index in this report. Also, get answers for your financial concerns and suitable astrological remedy to strengthen your financial position.

Ask our staff astrologers about your financial position for the coming years, your financial development, to understand the financial prospects and indications of the future.


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Personalized financial forecast Report – 1 year



Personalized financial forecast Report – 3 years




What You Will Get

  • Your Birth Chart
  • Natal status of each of the planets in your chart
  • Explanation of Natal status of Planet Table
  • Significance and status of each house in the natal chart
  • How important is money for you as per your astrological chart
  • Challenges in the path to accumulation of wealth
  • The level of wealth as per your chart
  • The Karmic Factor
  • Effort to Reward ratio
  • When will you create wealth?
  • Your income level is directly linked with progress in your career
  • Month–wise financial ups and downs for the next 12 months/ 36 months through the lens of Karma index
  • Answer to your Concerns
  • Astrological Remedy
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