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This is a comprehensive Career Prediction for 1 Year to 5 Years. Career, status and livelihood are some of the most important factors that control our lives. In the modern age, traversing a career path is like crossing a minefield. In order to walk through this minefield one needs to attain maximum mileage out of all the potential. Each individual has certain unique personality traits and intelligence factor. One cannot discard a person’s unique qualities as moderate or unproductive. There is greatness somewhere in everyone. One has to seek and be guided by a strong will to realize that GREATNESS within.

To accomplish the basic target we set for ourselves, a tool like the mine sweeper can indeed prove very handy and Vedic Astrology can help us do just that. If we have foreknowledge of the nature and quality of the parameters that govern us intrinsically and our unique scope for higher performance, we can then decide to be proactive or lie low or make a strategic shift in our career.

To establish a harmonious contact with our own possibilities one needs to be free of all confusions. An astrological representation of future and its scope can become an enlightening experience. AstroCuisine offers a very sensitive guide in the career area, the Career Report. This report is available in three formats, 1 year 3 years and 5 years. It gives you the scope of career potential for next 1 to 5 years as well as predicts how the Career will be.


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What You Will Get

  • Your Natal Chart Demystified
  • General trends and signatures in your career path
  • Karmic introspections on how you can pursue to fulfill your goals in life
  • Some important signatures in natal chart regarding your career
  • Career milestones as per transit and Dasha system
  • Year wise career prediction for next 1/3/5 years
  • Highlights about your career for next 1/3/5 years
  • Answers to your specific questions/concerns
  • Astrological Remedies
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