Mars in marriage

marsVedic astrology gives us a fine representation of the karmic journey according to the position and effects of planets in our love matching horoscope. Mars plays a major role in shaping our love and marital life. Vedic Astrology attaches great value to the effects of this planet on a marriage or emotional relationship. The role of any planet is very important for the overall growth and prosperity in life. While some planets hold the promise of making ones life full of happiness, others can possess the malefic power to turn ones life into a living nightmare, when positioned unfavorably in the Natal Chart. One such planet is Mars. Mars can affect ones marital life in a certain fashion that no other planet does, it can also create a number of unforeseen problems in relationships with one’s family.
Mars is a strong regulator of marital harmony. According to Sage Parashar, the father of Vedic Astrology, Mars afflicted horoscope of a partner in a marriage is nullified if the spouse also has a similar affliction i.e. if the spouse is also a Manglik. Interestingly, the affliction may be strong in one case and rather mild in the other but nevertheless, if both are Manglik (Mars afflicted horoscopes cases), the ill effects of Mars do not become critically operative for either partner.

Who should order these reports?

Married Couples.
This report will give you an insight as to how mars is influencing and regulating your conjugal bliss and harmony
Couples contemplating marriage.
In case of marriages being contemplated, this report – Mars in Marriage, is an absolute must.

What You Will Get

  • Two Birth Charts
  • A joint analysis of both the charts
  • Position of Mars in both the charts
  • An analysis of Mars and its relation with other planets in the chart of each
  • Compatibility and relationship analysis in the case of married couples
  • Opinion for or against an alliance in the case of contemplated conjugal alliances
  • Favorable time frames for the couple
  • Unfavorable times for the couple
  • Recommendations of astrological remedies
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