Family Report


Great family Package – Discount up to 30% on Astrology Reports…

Family report

    The benefit of family package will be applicable only on the purchase of 2 or more astrological reports in a single transaction.

    You can buy a report (in multiple numbers) for your different family members or different reports for one or different family members as per requirement.

    The benefit is,you will get 20 – 50% discount under this pack depending on the number of reports purchased. (For eg, you may opt to buy a Compatibility report for yourself, a transit report for your wife and health report for your child and can avail 20% discount.)

    On the purchase of 2 reports you can avail 15% discount on the total amount and with every added report you can avail 5% discount more. (Example, 20% discount on the purchase of 3 reports, 30% discount on the purchase of 5 reports and so on up to 50% discount on 9 reports.)

    The discount will be given on the total purchase value of reports.

    The percentage of discount will be based on the number of reports you are ordering in one single transaction.

    Note: This is not allowed to combined with other discounts or services rendered by

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