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The seventh house of your Natal Chart is the house of Man-Woman Relationship and Marriage. The planet that rules your seventh house and its relationship with the Lord of the Sign, in which the seventh house is positioned, truly governs the dynamics of your marriage or marriage like relationship often the key to a contented life.

Relationships of love are also governed by the fifth house which signifies our creative intelligence. This house triggers the potential of how one can approach the opposite sex in a romantic alliance. The perfect balance between these two houses makes the best romantic alliances.

A marriage begins to break down when love and romance cease to govern it. While definitions of a successful marriage will vary from person to person, all of us would not deny the fact that a marriage begins to break down when love and romance cease to govern it. Two people in a relationship can only make it work when the nature of the relationship is both supplementary and complimentary. Without this subtle balance, life can become lackluster and a tedious process of habit and pressure.

This is a service that addresses queries regarding your love life, your hesitations, fears and expectations. It is not a report; it is aimed at providing answers to specific problems or questions about your love life based on the insight of your Natal Chart and Planetary Dasha (transit of planets).

You may ask 1 – 3 questions on your love and romance aspect. You are free to explain each question at length – there are no limitations. You may ask multiple minor questions within the major question – however, please ensure that the minor questions are relevant to the major questions.

What You Will Get

  • Analysis of your Natal Chart in the light of your questions
  • Analysis of the Question Chart
  • The ascendant signifying your self and the state of your mind at the time of asking the question
  • Recommendation of astrological remedies




Delivery time for report on YOUR ROMANCE is 05 days after receiving confirmed order

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